27 d’abril. Dia Mundial del Disseny Gràfic #WCDD2015

Dia Mundial del Disseny impulsat por ico-D i és una oportunitat per reconèixer el disseny i la seva capacitat per canviar el món. L’objectiu de DMD és desafiar els dissenyadors a reflexionar profundament sobre el benestar de les persones dins dels seus entorns locals, i per trobar solucions innovadores a les necessitats locals mitjançant l’ús del disseny com a vehicle per a honrar la diversitat, transcendir les fronteres i millorar la qualitat de vida.

ico-D vol que reflexionem i és per això que  ens proposa que cada dissenyador faci la seva ‘declaració’. Si voleu pareticipar, podeu descarregar el Kit #WCDD2015 i presentar-la a WCDD Facebook o via Twitter i Instagram usant el hastag #WDD2015.

Every aspect of tomorrow is being designed today.
And you are designing it.
As part of World Design Day (WDD) 2015, ico-D invites you to reveal your designing process – to uncover how you evolve ideas when designing for our future.

Show us your brainstorm – in whatever form.

Points of Departure
Designing, at its core, is a creative process aimed to solve a problem according to local context and audience. The process is often invisible and yet typically involves many participants, numerous stages and hidden moments to achieve the final outcome.

ico-D wants to know: How are you designing the future today? How does your unique approach to your process take into account future generations? How do you consider the life-cycle of your design, and its environmental and economic impact? What kind of software, techniques, texts, collaborations and jam-sessions have inspired and enabled you to get there?

The following suggestions are a point of departure for the many solutions World Design Day may inspire, and all design disciplines and all forms of response are welcome. Here are some kickstart ideas:

  • Go Public on Process – organise local talks/debates/lectures/presentations about designing and the value of the designing process.
  • Design Together – bring people from various disciplines to frame and solve local design problems.
  • Open-Studio Tours to share with the public the environment in which you design, helping them to see the process, the inspirations, the invisible steps, and who is involved.
  • Celebrate Designing Processes by working with local governments to recognise World Design Day and highlight the community impact of the profession.
  • Document Your Process by expressing your How are you designing today? statement – in any medium.

How to share it

World Design Day is driven by our Members and Community. Share your event | initiative | statement | expression by sending us videos, photos, drawings, maps, and everything – to inspire others and spread the word!

Download the Kit:

Share your response:
WDD facebook group page, Twitter and Instagram using


World Design Day (WDD) is an opportunity to recognize design and its capacity for change in the world — and to celebrate the birthday of ico-D! The goal of WDD is to challenge designers to reflect deeply on the well-being of people within their local environments, and to find innovative solutions to local needs by using design as a vehicle to honor diversity, transcend borders, and improve quality of life. In 2015 ico-D announced World Design Day (WDD) as part of its new multidisciplinary strategy. Marking the anniversary of ico-D’s establishment on 27 April 1963, participants worldwide are invited to gather, innovate, and live out a moment of design by organizing public events and initiatives on 27 April of each year.

Però recordeu que el disseny gràfic és quelcom més que saber dissenyar.


Més info a : www.ico-d.org

Salut i disseny!



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