Anagrama redissenya la identitat de Bricos

Gran treball d’Anagrama el que ha realitzat per Bricos. Aconseguir que una botiga de maquinaria típica es converteixi en un proveïdor de materials de construcció percebut amb molta més formalitat a l’àmbit internacionals no és gens fàcil. La manera de treballar l’iimagotip als diferents aplicatius em sembla genial, li dona molta força i presència a cadascun dels elements.

In order to develop the Branding Strategy, we thoroughly researched the project commercial aspects, and we executed a deep brand diagnostic. This resulted in a solution that helps the company heighten their values such as service, honesty, responsibility, experience and kindness, all of which have been key to the company’s success throughout the years.

On the other hand, the company needed to attract qualified personnel and make these employees feel proud of working forBricos giving them a sense of belonging.The project’s design decisions included creating a timeless brand with a completely different icon from any of its competitors. We used a very clean typographic language and an institutional pattern that can be easily applied to any object.

These elements turn Bricos into a brand ready to compete internationally.”

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