App Aipoly Vision | Ajuda a discapacitats visuals a veure el món a través del seu telèfon

L’App Aipoly Vision és una aplicació per iOS que permet als smartphones reconèixer objectes i colors a través d’intel·ligència artificial. També, i això està genial, ajuda a les persones daltòniques. Una bona eina per anar pel món.

M’agrada veure que hi ha persones amb una capacitat brutal de combinar el disseny social i la tecnologia per fer-no la vida més fàcil. Segur que més d’un s’emportarà una grana alegria amb l’app Aipoly Vision.

Aipoly is a machine vision project that recognises multiple objects within a picture and the relationship between them. Painting a picture of what is in front of you in audio.

Neural Network on Mobile: We deliver a multi-layered neural network to your phone through an app. This artificial intelligence is able to understand your camera’s input and describe what it sees out loud.

Identify Objects: Aipoly can identify several hundreds of objects right from the start, without any training, and can do so three times a second. No need to snap pictures, the app will constantly see and think.

Identify Colors: Aipoly can also understand colors to assist both the visually impaired and the color blind. It works like a color picker of the real world.

Understand Scenes (coming soon): In the near future, Aipoly can also understand complex scenes, and the position of objects within it, so it can describe the relationships between the items it sees, such as “a dog near a lamp post.”

Always Learning: You can help Aipoly learn new objects by typing their description. Over time, it will acquire knowledge on new items and become even smarter. Everyone can help Aipoly grow and learn.

Descàrrega iOS: Aipoly Vision

+info a: Aipoly – Vision Through Artificial Intelligence

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