Barcelona ja té la seva pròpia Monster High: Viperine Gorgon

L’arquitecte Antoni Gaudí ha sigut l’inspirador de la casa Mattel per desenvolupar la seva nova nina de la col·lecció Monster High, la Viperine GorgonSegons ha comunicat l’empresa, Viperine “és originària de ‘Vampcelona (Barcelona), on hi visqué amb la seva família a la gaudiniana Casa Milà fins que la seva passió pel món del cinema la dugueren a provar sort a ‘Zombiwood’ (Hollywood)“. Segons Mattel, la nina “viatja cada estiu a ‘Vampcelona’ i no torna a ‘Zombiewood’ fins que acaben les festes de la Mercè“.

La nina, d’estil hippie-chic, està inspirada en diferents obres de l’arquitecte Antoni Gaudí. El seu vestit, per exemple, està inspirat en el trencadís floral del Parc Güell; les sabates en els detalls de la façana de la Sagrada Família i el teulat de la Casa Batlló; i el pentinat, en el banc de la plaça principal del Parc Güell.

Frights, Camera, Action!™
In this scary-cute story, the ghouls of Monster High® embark upon a quest that brings them from Transylvania to Londoom to New Goreleans and, finally, to Hauntlywood™, where monster-movie magic is made! Here, they meet new characters and make new friends, whom they join behind the scenes, in front of the cameras, and on the Black Carpet. Viperine Gorgon™, daughter of Stheno (the sister of Medusa) and cousin to Deuce Gorgon™, is a regular in the new cast. With the nest of viper snakes poking out from below her fangtastic pink hair, she’s the most monstrous multi-tasker!
Makeup Maestro
The makeup maven to the “mon-stars,” Viperene Gorgon™ brings out everyone’s “unnatural” beauty with a color palette and makeup brush that she can hold in her hand. The palette has eight brilliant colors that will spark the imagination of Viperine, who loves to swirl them together. Her favorite color is shimmery gold and pink, after all. Store the palette and the brush in Viperine’s pink makeup box that doubles as a spooktacular handbag and portable “mirror.” The top opens and closes to reveal a decaled vanity, so Viperine can keep her clients always looking their scariest.
Fangtastic Fashion
Viperine doll is a showstopper herself dressed in a boho-chic black dress with flowery feminine print and a blue ruffle hem. Her frightful accessories are made even more killer with viper details, like snakes on the top of her tall pink platform boots and wrapped around her head as a headband or swirling around her neck as a “ssstatement” necklace. Pink-tinted sunglasses are a final fashion touch because, unlike her cousin Deuce Gorgon®, she doesn’t turn people off by turning them to stone.
Monster Play
Girls will love recreating favorite Viperine scenes from the series or “making up” new stories on their own. Like her counterparts, the doll comes with a signature-style brush (those vipers love to tangle!), doll stand (to strike extreme poses), and a diary (with details the tabloids would love). Collect other dolls in the assortment, like Honey Swamp™, Elissabat™, and Clawdia Wolf™ (sold separately), for a full behind-the-screams cast — or add accessories that include a dressing room and a premiere party set (also sold separately) to expand the fun to monster proportions!

  • Viperine Gorgon™, a girlie gorgon girl from Barcelgroana, can turn the creepiest character into the most boo-tiful “mon-star” with her rockin’ make-up skills
  • This artist gives monster makeovers with her color palette and makeup brush (that she can hold in her hand)
  • Store them in her stone-cool blue makeup box that doubles as a spooktacular handbag
  • A reptilian, pink hairdo tiara completes her mesmerizing look
  • Doll also comes with signature-style brush, doll stand, and diary full of details the tabloids would love

Salut i nines!




Via Monica Zueco Duró.


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