De la Fuente, una tipografia gratuïta amb ductus humanista per a titulars

Hi there, My name is Alex De La Fuente and I made this microsite to introduce my new typography, “De La Fuente” which literally means “of the font” in spanish. I felt, I couldn’t let this one go. I am proud to share this font, please keep on scrolling down for the showcase and download instructions. Hope you like it.

De La Fuente” is a brand new sans-serif font actually with a serif in the lower case, a modern headline purpose font with a touch of the hand writed fonts in the ductus, it sometis an remind you t the gothic ductus and the humanism style in the trace bot over all has a sansserif look. Inspired by the geometry of the Futura and fonts like Trebuchet, Helvetica, Univers, Gotham or Avantgarde.

Once “De La Fuente” is downloaded, you will receive a .ttf file containing upper and lower cases which also includes a full set of accents, punctuation marks, alternates and symbol glyphs. This bold typeface was designed for headline and title purposes. It’s not intended to be used under 24pt.

NOTE: Be well aware to use it under 24pt. at your own decision but not the designers. Feel free to use it, share it and if possible, spread the word. Thanks so much for your interest. If you appreciate the “De La Fuente” font please drop me a line on my twitter or Facebook account. If you find it really useful, give a hand to keep going with a little donation through the “donate” button at the bottom of the site. Enjoy the typeface!!

Si us agrada aquesta tipografia amb ductus humanista per a titulars la podeu descarregar de forma gratuïta aquí: Download. L’Àlex només demana a canvi un tuit.

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