DOISY & DAM, un packaging deliciós per xocolata orgànica

L’estudi Shut Up Studio, basat en Brighton, ha sigut l’encarregat de crear i desenvolupatun packaging deliciós per la casa de xocolata orgànica DOISY & DAM.

Doisy & Dam is a London based Chocolate Manufacturer. They create chocolate bars with the finest organic dark chocolate. Each bar is stuffed full of superfoods, for an enhanced nutritional profile, helping you live your life in balance. Everything is made and packaged in the UK.

Initially helping Doisy & Dam develop their packaging idea, they have just launched their new Milk & White range as well as revamping the Dark Choc range. We designed the new Milk & White range  which took on the bright pastels and turned them into individual geometric designs that work beautifully as a set. We then revamped the Dark range to fit. The flavours are super delicious too! We really enjoyed popping into the office and getting to try out the chocolate as it developed. Available in Whole Foods, Ocado, Crussh and online.

La línia de xocolata orgànica DOISY & DAM destaca per la seva gamma de colors brillants i el patró de d’estrelles diminutes que cobreixen tota la caixa. Bassant-se en la paleta de colors de la marca i en el model bàsic d’estrella, Shut Up Studio ha creat una gamma de patrons geomètrics bells i brillants.

Cada patró és únic i està fet al gust de la xocolata orgànica que amaga. L’embalatge de color brillant original de DOISY & DAM va ser un punt de diferència en el competitiu mercat de la xocolata.

We make and package everything by hand in the UK, using globally sourced ingredients and the highest quality organic dark chocolate.

We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice health to find indulgence. We promise all our products will be naturally better for you with no unnecessary ingredients, but most of all they’ll always be absolutely delicious. We love it, we think you will too.

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