Dyslexie Font, una tipo per dislèxics

La gent que pateix dislèxia pot estar una mica més alegre ja que amb la Dyslexie Font podrà millorar la seva qualitat de vida. Gràcies a gent com Christian Boer, el dissenyador d’aquesta tipografia, el món és una mica millor.


Dyslexie font has developed a typeface especially for people with dyslexia called Dyslexie. People with dyslexia have problems distinguishing some letters. People with dyslexia sometimes turn, mirror and switch letters whilst reading. The Dyslexie typeface targets these problems by altering the shape of the letters so they are clearly different from any other letter. As well as this the spaces between the letters are improved and capitals and punctuation are bolder so people with dyslexia don’t read words or sentences together any more.

Sometimes we get reactions that say it better than we could about the Dyslexie font we like to share. This one is from Audra Jamai: Renewed her free license for Dyslexie Font ^.^
My heart is full thinking that one or more children will have resource that places them where they belong in academic classes. That there’s the possibility that there isn’t another undiagnosed/unsupported dyslexic little nerd girl reading materials more advanced then her peers but is in remedial classes because her spelling is poor and her letters are backwards.
I love Dyslexie Font, it works with my brain, and the brains of other folks whose brains are cued to solve spacial relation puzzles.
I love that Dyslexie doesn’t try to have dyslexic brains conform to the print page standard.
I love that some children are given the support to understand that their brain isn’t defective it’s different!

Fins ara la Dyslexie Font ha sigut reconeguda amb premis com:

– Smart Urban Stage / first prize / Amsterdam, The Netherlands
– FastCompany “Innovation By Design” / Finalist award / New York, United States
– INDEX “Design To Improve Life Awards” exhibition / finalist award / Copenhagen, Denmark
– Rabobank New Generation Pitch / first prize / Utrecht, The Netherlands
– TEDxDubai / presentation / Dubai, United Arab Emirates – TEDxFultonstreet / presentation / New York, United States
– PechaKucha / presentation / Amsterdam, The Netherlands
– What the font Victor & Albert Museum / presentation / London, England
– Istanbul Design Biennial / exhibition / Istanbul, Turkey

També trobarem al seu web un apartat amb recursos també per dislèxics com llibres i apps, informació sobre la malaltia, recomanacions…

+info a: dyslexiefont.com

Salut i recursos!








Via Josep M. Ganyet.


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