Ispira Visual Book, el nou catàleg de Fedrigoni

El nou catàleg Ispira Visual Book de Fedrigoni ens mostra la suau textura del paper reforçada amb tractaments especials. Cada treball es narra a través d’una experiència visual diferent, on tot canvia moltes vegades: el color del paper, el pes, la mida, les tintes utilitzades, les tècniques d’impressió… Una experiència totalment nova per explorar amb el tacte.

El concepte d’aquest catàleg ve de la ma de Happycentro i la direcció d’art de Federico Galvani.

The new Ispira visual book for Fedrigoni is no common catalogue.
The smooth texture of the paper is enhanced by special treatments.
Each paper is narrated through a different visual experience where everything changes many times: the color of the paper, the weight, the size, the inks used, the printing techniques.
A whole new experience to explore with touch.

— 10 differently sized sextodecimo
— 10 paper colors
— 10 Pantone inks
— 100 patterns
Each sextodecimo contains 4 paper weights.

— Offset printing: 2 Pantone + 2 offset white
— Hot foil: 2 different foils
— Silk screen: 2 UV varnishes
— Embossing
— Die cutting
— Handmade Binding: stapled & glued

Feel The Inspiration — The Movie
(What’s behind the visual book)It’s so exciting for us to assist to the entire development
of a project like this, so we decided to create a short movie to tell
each careful treatment and the amazing contribute of this fabulous teamwork.

The color system
Our first idea was to create a visual book for a paper made to be printed, without using print at all. It would have been great to enjoy the book only by touching it.
But Fedrigoni said: “What about a little bit of color?” So we decided to only work with the color palette taken from the paper collection.
The color system was developed directly from the 10 colors of Ispira collection, and then applied to the spreads after two offset white layers.

Our focus was to show the new Ispira paper range at the first glance.
We designed a grid to create a consistent layout system that can show each paper.
When the book is closed, it seems like a stack of folders.
When you start to open, each page is treated with embossing or transparent varnishes on one side and printed on the other: in this way, a visual game starts to develop while turning the page

+info a: Fedrigoni – Ispira Visual Book | Feel The Inspiration

Salut i paper!













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