Promo: Pick 3+ Games. Donate $5+. 100% goes to charity!

De vegades apareixen promocions que no podem deixar escapar, i aquesta n’és un bon exemple. Pick 3 + Games és una promoció que consiteix en el següent: selecciona 3 jocs que t’agradin dels  13 que ofereixen, pagar 5 dólars o més, i el 100% de la seva donació serà donat a la caritat. Les tres organitzacions benèfiques són: WWF, Worldbuilders i Gaming for Good, i els jocs que es poden triar són: Botanicula, Creatures Village, Darwinia, Driftmoon, FTL: Faster Than Light, Incredipede, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, PID, The Whispered World,Waking Mars, Gemini Rue, Anodyne i Escape Goad. Us deixo la informació que podreu trobar a per si us interessa:

Do you want to make the world a slightly better place and be rewarded some games for being an awesome human being? It’s simple: choose a charity you like from the three we have here (WWFWorldbuilders, and Gaming for Good), pick out 3 games you like out of 13 offered, pay $5 or more, and we will give 100% of your donation to charity*! You can also pick more than 3 games, and your minimum donation will be raised accordingly. Want to donate more? No problem–you can set the amount manually. Don’t need the games, or already have them? Select the “Gift this order” option at the checkout, and make some other gamer happy. Again, your choice of charity to help: WWF, Worldbuilders & Gaming for Good.

We’ve added three more titles to this special promo selection, thanks to awesome indie developers, who volunteered their games to take part in this charitable action. The newly added games are:Anodyne by Analgesic Productions, a psychological retro adventure game with nostalgic action-RPG feel and deep story, bundled with MP3 soundtrack, Escape Goat by Magical Time Bean, a captivating puzzle-platformer with many clever and challenging stages, and 8-bitish retro visuals, and Gemini Rue by Wadjet Eye Games, a gritty neo-noir point-and-click adventure game masterfully mixing Sci-Fi and crime mystery genres. Thank you for making this happen, guys!

Our whole-hearted thanks also go to: Introversion Software (Darwinia), Subset Games (FTL: Faster Than Light), Tiger Style Games (Waking Mars), Amanita Design (Botanicula), Instant Kingdom(Driftmoon), Northway Games (Incredipede), Digital Game Factory (Creatures: Village), Might & Delight (Pid), Daedalic Entertainment (The Whispered World), and Oddworld Inhabitants(Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee).. All of the devs are receiving nothing for their games in this charity but the good karma that comes from doing a good deed. Take a moment and tweet, facebook, or email them and tell them how much you appreciate their participation in this, and then you’ll be extra awesome yourself. :)

* is paying out some money as well; for every $1 donated, it costs us about $0.25 to cover the credit card fees, taxes, and other fees to make sure that literally 100% of what you donate goes to charity. So, let’s say you want to donate $10. We’ll add about $2.50 on top of that, to make sure that all of your donated money reaches the charity of your choice.

Salut i promocions!

WWF – click to donate and choose your reward

Worldbuilders – click to donate and choose your reward

Gaming for Good – click to donate and choose your reward




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