RAVEN kickscooter, me’l regaleu?

Si us esteu plantejant regalar-me un patinet, us recomano el RAVEN de la casa Citybirds. Per un mòdic preu de 299.99€ em podeu fer molt feliç. Mireu les imatges… Mireu els vídeos… A què mola molt?

Short. Description.
The main idea of RAVEN scooter was to try changing an elementary behavior of an item as such and to attempt making it more classy, more subtle and more user-friendly, and handy to use. Therefore the RAVEN kick scooter folds with a single movement of a foot. Its users just need to press the pedal with a foot and that is that. So it is absolutely comfortable to use. Since we wanted to expand our target group and to create a trend which would involve businessmen to be a part of this eco-friendly vehicle movement, we have chosen carbon fiber material for its luxuriance, stability and lightness. Moreover, we designed an orange gap in the middle of horizontal frame to enable folding of the whole scooter to an absolute flat-pack stick which does not take much space. The streamlined shape of the RAVEN perfectly fits the user’s shoulder therefore it is possible to carry it easily when the scooter is folded. Finally, our main ambition is to change an approach of the people throughout the world towards the things that seem unchangeable and to replace rushing with a pleasant and useful process. We believe in the idea of creating a better everyday life for you – your own luxury.

Apa, encarregeu-ne un i us ho agrairé amb un petonarru molon: http://citybirds.lt/raven/product/raven/

Si no us acaba d’agradar, podeu entrar al seu web i mirar els altres models que tenen: Pigeon, Colibri i Eagle.

Salut i regals!








Via RAVEN kickscooter.


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