Forever Desk, l’escriptori de Sean Woolsey

Here it is. The Forever Desk. Simply named because you will, indeed, own and love this desk forever. Crafted with subtle and appealing details, the forever desk is soon to be your new best friend, or at least your favorite co-worker. Designed to be simple and timeless, yet have subtle and unique features, the Forever Desk includes:

  • Smoked tempered glass drawer bottoms.
  • Hand sewn leather drawer pulls
  • Contrasting mitered spline joints
  • Hand shaped pillowed edges
  • The Woolsey leather patch embedded in the top.

Materials: Powder Coated Steel Base, Black Walnut or Qtr Sawn White Oak top + drawers. The desk is finished with our signature hand rubbed oil and wax finish. Measurements: 72″ x 30″ x 30″ tall. Inside drawer size is 27″ x 28.5″ x 2.5″ tall. Contact for shipping estimates before purchase. For custom colors, sizing, woods, etc. please send us an email.

About Sean Woolsey

I grew up making things. From sewing my own clothing to making skateboard ramps and baking bread, I have always loved the pursuit of creating. What started out small matured organically and grown, but my ideals and motivation have remained the same: to design and make objects that I would want in my own home, to create with friends, and to build work that can be shared with others and passed on for generations. Over the years I have brought on skilled craftsmen to assist in the studio. Local welders are used to craft the metal bases for our designs and local leather workers sew each specific detail. Everything is proudly made within a 25-mile radius in Souther California.

Si us agrada el podeu comprar per només 2.650 dòlars aquí: THE FOREVER DESK | BLACK WALNUT

Salut i fusta!

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